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The Ethics Council Governs the MMA Regulatory Structure according to the MMA Code of Ethics and national midwifery standards. The Ethics Council is made up of the Accountability, Peer Review, Education, and Grievance Boards.

The ethical practice of midwifery includes accountability to clients and others in the profession. The Accountability Review Board includes the elected Chair and two appointed members who oversee the Missouri Midwives Association Accountability Program.

Certified Professional Midwives, Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Midwives who are in compliance with the MMA Code of Ethics and participate in the Accountability Review Program may seek Ethics Council Certification. Ethics Council Certification is the Missouri Midwives Association standard of accountability which exceeds NARM requirements. Please visit the Accountability page for more information.

The Education Review Board provides educational opportunities for midwives across the state of Missouri and supports local midwifery study groups. Please visit the Education page for more information.

Peer Review
The Peer Review Board supports and educates midwives through open peer review and private peer review. Please visit the Peer Review page for more information.

The Grievance Review Board investigates complaints against Missouri Midwives. Please visit the Grievance page for more information.

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