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This is an unofficial outline of how to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). For the latest information and the official booklet, click here: How To Become a Certified Professional Midwife. Or, for a pdf file of the booklet, click here.

Requirements for Entry Level CPM Certification

I. Complete the NARM General Application and CPM Application forms.

II. Submit educational validation for one (1) of the following educational routes of entry:
A. Graduation from a MEAC-Accredited Midwifery School.
B. Certification by the ACC as a Certified Nurse Midwife or Certified Midwife.
C. Credentialed in another state.
D. Completion of NARMís Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) Program.

Verification of Experience and Skills for all Entry-level candidates:
General Education Requirements
• NARM Skills Assessment
• NARM Written Examination Primary Reference List

Experience Requirements
• 40 births, 20 as primary under supervision in homes or other out-of-hospital settings
• 75 prenatal exams
• 20 initial exams
• 20 newborn exams
• 40 postpartum exams

Skills Requirements
• full range of entry-level midwifery skills

Other Required Documentation
• Current Adult CPR and either Infant CPR or Neonatal Resuscitation Certification
• Written verification that candidate has developed and utilizes:
     • Practice guidelines;
     • An informed consent document;
     • Forms and handouts relating to midwifery practice; and
     • An emergency care plan.
• Documentation and verification of experience, knowledge and skills.
• Provide three professional letters of reference.
• Pass the NARM Skills Assessment given by a NARM Qualified Evaluator (QE).

III. Pass, or submit evidence of having passed, the NARM Written Examination.

Requirements for Re-Certification (Every 3 years)

• Current CPR Certification for Adult CPR and Infant CPR or Neonatal Resuscitation
• Affirmation of Honest Intent of Representation
• 5 hours of Peer Review
• 25 hours of Continuing Education or re-take the NARM Exam

Source: www.narm.org

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